Você tem um projeto?

Vídeo muito legal sobre a história do Seu Zio que comprou um carro zero com moedas de R$1,00.Um projeto a longo prazo que deu certo. Vale a pena dar uma olhada.

A vida de concurseiro é assim também, cada dia de estudo se colhe um pouco que será recompensado no final: a aprovação.

One comment on “Você tem um projeto?

  1. Hello Alexander,

    I’m contacting you because of the cool plugin that you created for Redmine.

    I am trying to win a bid for the World Bank to write a system to help governments in Africa better manage projects. If I win the bid (and have money to pay), I would love to get you involved to help with charting and graphing if you have a bit of spare time.

    To demonstrate what’s possible, I’ve built a prototype and would like to integrate your plugin but for some reason, it’s not generating any output. I’m sure that it’s a problem with the easyRedmine plugins that I’m also using but I am not good enough with ruby yet to be able to figure it out. Would you be able to provide a little bit of assistance?

    I’m not sure if you monitor this site, so I’ll also post on github.

    Also… I noticed from your CV that you live in Brazilia but studied in Belo Horizonte. My wife is from there and we’ll be there in a couple weeks, during World Cup to visit with her parents. It’s a very beautiful city. Are you from there?

    Kind Regards
    Christopher Caruk

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